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Alliance for a Sustainable Information Society

The rapid advance of Information and Communications Technologies can be used to achieve global sustainabity without sacrificing quality of life or fundamental human values.

Damage to the planet and suffering to its peoples can be minimised if the full potential of Information Society Technologies is better understood and their introduction is better co-ordinated.

ASIS is exploring alternative scenarios, modelling their implications and helping to build a Strategic Alliance of all those who wish to work towards a world that is….

...Fair and Fulfilling, Prosperous and Sustainable

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A Sustainable Planet ?


ASIS is contributing towards this consensus by developing scenarios and modelling their sustainabilty implications

ASIS is also building a Strategic Alliance of those who can take the lead in finding a rapid, equitable and prosperous path to global sustainability

Alliance members are supporting ASIS activities through the following Action Groups:

By joining the Strategic Alliance and contributing to these Action Groups you will be actively working towards a world that will be

Fair and Fulfilling, Prosperous and Sustainable

The ASIS project is funded by the European Commission under the ACTS Programme (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services). It is building on the technologies and services explored in the EC 4th Framework Programme to strengthen the more social

ASIS Participants
  •     D      Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW)
  •     UK   Addico Cornix Ltd
  •     I        Atelier Studio Associato
  •     B      Barco NV
  •     SF    Finland Futures Research Centre
  •     SF    Gaia Network Ltd.
  •     E       Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
  •     B      Jan Van Hoecke Associates
  •     D      PRODUTEC Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co KG
  •     RUS Russian Research Institute of A I
  •     SF    VTT Chemical Technology
  •     SF    VTT Information Technology
  •     UK   VERS Associates
Contact Point:

Klaus Tochtermann, FAW

e-mail: [email protected]

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