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Communications in 



EC ACTS Project 017, 

Sept 95 - Dec 98

CICC Final Report (Word file, 1.2 Meg including illustrations )


The primary objective of CICC (pronounced kick) is to evaluate the benefits of 

Augmented Reality and
Networked Information

in the construction sector. These technologies have been tested in a number of complementary pilots in construction. Generalisation to other sectors has been explored through an ambitious prototype in  manufacturing. Each pilot contributes some of the components to the "Telepresence in Construction" diagram shown below.

The benefits from the use of these services are expected to be:

It is clear that these benefits lead to improvements in competitiveness in the global market.

The technical objective is not only to show that new telepresence and virtual presence services will enable dispersed groups to work as effectively as a co-located team team but also to indicate that this is achieved through the minimum change in the informal patterns of work. Navigating through a user interface to other people, documents, data structures and  video links will use procedures that are as similar as possible to working within a shared office overlooking the construction site.

CICC is partly funded through the EC ACTS programme