ACTS Project ASIS -  Alliance for a Sustainable Information Society

Action Group 5: Homes and Workplaces of the Future 

In a world of accelerating change, in which more and more of our surroundings are starting to follow the Moore's law of computer power (halving in cost every 18 months), the only constants are human nature and human values.  This action group is focusing on the individual and the community at work and at leisure. It adopts a "Human Centred" approach to indicate how global sustainability can be combined with a high quality of life for all.  

Immaterialisation is the objective; replacing the material and energy intensive satisfiers of human needs with alternatives that, eventually, are better than the real thing.  The replacement of a visit to a concert by a radio broadcast is an example of an early step along this path.  Although the immature Information Society Technologies of today can provide an audio experience that is better than from any single seat in the real concert hall, substitutes for the ambience of the audience and the presence of the musicians are totally inadequate.

A "Moore's Law" extrapolation  to the mature Information Society Technologies of future decades suggests a powerful three way symbiosis between the global ecosystem, the global network and global communities.  

The immature and fragmented ISTs of today are comparable with the immature car of 100 years ago; poorly regulated, unreliable and requiring the constant attention of an engineer. The car has turned into a bland "personal mobility  environment" that is incredibly user-friendly,  reliable and standardized.  There is no reason why the "personal information environment" of the future should not be as impressive.  Under appropriate regulatory frameworks non-renewable resource requirements can be sustainable for 10 billion users and costs can drop to a level affordable by all.

Introduction and Description,  from ASIS Web Site


Papers and Presentations:

From Telepresence and Shared Virtual Environments to a Sustainable Information Society, 1998

Virtual Presence – Collaborative Integrated Communications for Construction  1998  

Presented at "Work Nouveau" session of IST 98,    "Living and Working in the Information Society" Vienna, 30 Nov-2 Dec 1998,

Collaboration and Shared Virtual Environments - from Metaphor to Reality

Presented at Joint European Commission/National Science Foundation Workshop identifying key research challenges in  "Human-Centred Computing, Online Communities and Virtual Environments", Chateau de Bonas, 1-4 June 1999

Shared Virtual Environments for Flexible Working in Industry

        Chapter from book   “Flexible Working – New Network Technologies” Nov 1999

Homes and Workplaces of the Future: the Immaterialisation of Aspirations

        Presented at ASIS Workshop, Ulm,  Oct 1999